How to improve your productivity?

The most successful people are the most productive in the important areas of their lives. You need to identify your unique talent, focus on it and work towards maximising it. To maximise your productivity, follow the steps given below:


  1. Choose one thing that’s most important which will have the greatest impact on your major purpose in life. Do this one thing first before you do anything else. This will set you up for the rest of the day. If you put it off until later and allow interruptions to get in the way, then you’ll not achieve your potential. Once you’ve done the most important thing, the rest of the day should be plain sailing.


  1. Be passionate about the most important thing and wake up early and start straight away. The mornings are quiet and peaceful so you can focus intensely on your goal without distractions. Get up an hour earlier and start. If you’re passionate about something then you’ll work harder, longer and with more intensity. With that focus you’ll get much more done. You’re much less likely to procrastinate.


  1. Avoid interruptions, unnecessary distractions and don’t do trivial work. Focus on the most important work. If you focus on unimportant work, then you’ll never be great at the things that matter the most. Say “NO” to work that matters little and save your energy for your main goal or purpose. Minimise emails, blogs, internet surfing, phone calls, text messages during the period where you are doing your most important work. Work offline and schedule a time when you need to check the internet and put the timer and stop after a fixed time. Otherwise, hours of productive time can be wasted doing aimless surfing. It may be enjoyable but is it productive and best use of your time? You’ll do much more work if you eliminate unimportant work from your schedule.


  1. Prepare your workspace or environment so that it supports you working on the most important task(s). Whatever you need should be easily accessible. Shut down any other distraction. Keep the space simple, uncluttered and clean. This will help you focus on the task at hand.


  1. Avoid meetings. Make whatever excuse you need to make so that you can focus on the important work. If you have to meet with someone unrelated to your goal then keep these meetings short, focused and valuable. Get the maximum out of each meeting.


  1. Do the toughest, most impactful and important tasks first. When you complete the tasks, your self-esteem will soar making everything else easier. If you leave the most important task until last then you’ll probably never complete it.


7. Be persistent when you’re doing your most important task and carry on until you succeed. If you’ve allowed one hour to finish it but you’re only halfway through then spend another hour and finish. Don’t stop; keep the momentum that you’ve built going. You’ll feel much better and will have a sense of achievement. You can move onto next important thing with a mind free from regret. You won’t be thinking all day about incomplete tasks that you have to do tomorrow. Break down big tasks into chucks that you can finish in the allocated time.


Note: This blog was taken from the Success Secrets Book. To order a copy of this book Click here.

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