New Handbook of Modern Coating Technologies

Dr Nasar Ali, Chair of YPS, is one of the editors of the forthcoming Handbook of Modern Coating Technologies: Fabrication Methods and Functional Properties. This handbook focuses on new aspects of surface engineering surrounding nanocoatings and biocoatings, from their fabrication methods to properties and usages.

This five part volume explores the detection of surface features that destroy pieces and how most technological advancements are constrained with surface requirements. Subjects cover the production of new, advanced coatings and the characteristics of abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and disruption. Both electronic and optical electronic apparatuses are great examples to be studied.

Editors: Mahmood Aliofkhazraei, Ali Nasar, Mircea Chipara, Nadhira Bensaada Laidani, Jeff Th.M. De Hosson
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444632401
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 1st March 2021
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