UK Volunteering Opportunities for BAME Communities

An exciting and interactive webinar on “UK Volunteering Opportunities for BAME Communities” was held on 18 March 2021 on Zoom. This was organised by UPSIGN and supported by Young Professionals Society and British Pakistani Foundation.

Some amazing speakers including Moawia Bin-Sufyan, Mudassar Ahmed, Rt. Peter Riddell and Professor Jawwad Darr spoke on the topic.

The webinar highlighted the benefits of seeking and availing volunteering opportunities for personal, professional development and for general contribution to the betterment of the communities and society.

The speakers talked about their experiences being involved with the volunteering sector and they also highlighted the different areas where one can volunteer e.g., a magistrate, trustee, non-executive director, ambassador, or governor etc. The merits of volunteering and working in these areas are huge and such opportunities could open up many new, exciting, challenging and life changing career paths.

The speakers emphasised that people from the BAME communities are underrepresented and sought after in UK volunteering organizations, thus the need to hold this webinar. Everyone including young people were encouraged to consider volunteering opportunities.

The webinar consisted of informal short talks and Question & Answer session. There were a lot of questions from the attendees which were all answered to satisfaction by the panel.


To watch recording of the webinar click here.

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