YSC’ Young Speech Competition 2021

The Young Speech Competition 2021 was held on 5 June 2021 at the Guidance Hub Centre in Cheetham Hill (Manchester). This was the second time that this competition was held at the GH Centre since the inception of the Young Speakers Club (YSC) in March 2019. Each year, YSC runs for two terms and at the end of each term a competition is organized where youngsters are provided a platform to showcase their public speaking skills and an opportunity to compete with other fellow members in a friendly and supportive environment.

This year there were two age categories for the competition: (i) 12-13 Years, and (ii) 14-16 Years.

Dr Nasar Ali and Rona Barbour (Founders, Young Speakers Club) welcomed people to the competition including many parents and grandparents. Ifraz Sharif (Trustee, Guidance Hub) welcomed everyone to the GH Centre and spoke about Guidance Hub’s active partnership with Young Professionals Society in working together to support youth development. Rida Fatimah, an experienced young member of the Young Speakers Club took charge as the Programme Chairperson and introduced speakers and spoke in between the speeches.

All speakers did exceptionally well and spoke very confidently on different topics such as sports, Covid, education, Ertugrul, cinemas and films etc.

The three judges, namely Rona Barbour, Professor Waqar Ahmed and Khalid Khan had a difficult time in deciding on the winning entries.


The winners/runners-up were as follows:

In the 12-13 Years category:

Winner: AALEEN NAQVI, Speech title: Ertugrul the Sequel [click here to watch]

Runner up: OWAIS BAIG, Speech title: My dream jobs into reality [click here to watch]


In the 14-16 Years category:

Winner: RABIAH AHMED, Speech title: Do animals have free will? [click here to watch]

Runner up: MEESHIAM FATIMA, Speech title: The beauty of education [click here to watch]


Full list of speakers for the competition include: Yusha Razzaq, Ayan Farooq, Maaya Fatimah, Bismah Nazir, Owais Baig, Aaleen Naqvi, Aizah Baig, Ali Muhammad, Zakir Aziz, Zaianb Ali, Hana Asif, Rabiah Ahmed, Meeshaim Fatima, Rida Fatimah, Abbas Iqbal and Saphia Ahmed.


Councillor Shaukat Ali (Cheetham Ward) presented the certificates to the winners and the runners up and in his speech welcomed the attendees to Cheetham Hill and spoke about the need for and importance of empowering young people with soft skills, so they are better prepared for their professional working lives. Councillor Ali gave examples of youngsters, including his own daugther who had gained self-confidence through attending the Young Speakers Club and other YPS driven programmes. Listen to Councillor Ali speak here.

Professor Waqar Ahmed (University of Lincoln) and the President of the YPS spoke about the four new exciting and life changing courses offered by YPS in collaboration with Guidance Hub on (i) Creative writing, (ii) Leadership, (iii) Entrepreneurship and (iv) Self-confidence. To learn more about these new courses that will run in July 2021 and to register Click here.


Photos below: from left to right: Rabiah Ahmed, Meeshaiam Fatima, Aaleen Naqvi and Owais Baig receiving their certificates/trophies from Councillor Shaukat Ali


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