YPS Forthcoming Book Titles

YPS is actively working on producing a number of book titles focusing on its three fundamental pillars – (i) Leadership, (ii) Innovation & (iii) Communication. Professor Waqar Ahmed and Dr Nasar Ali, both having considerable experience in the publishing sector and having published extensively in journals, procedia, books and magazines will author some of these books and editor others.


Following are 2 of the forthcoming titles:



TITLE: Secrets to Success

AUTHORS: Prof. W. Ahmed, Dr N. Ali & R. Ahmed

Description: This book aims to give the reader insights into getting from where you are now in any area of your life to where you want to go in the shortest time possible. It gives you the formula for success but focuses on the glue that binds together your dreams and ambitions to the life you desire. The book places considerable importance on discipline as one of the key components to success.



TITLE: Practical Leadership

AUTHORS: Prof. W. Ahmed & Dr N. Ali

Description: This book gives practical advice on leadership; how to become that leader; and what practices to adopt to make considerable impact and influence people, the team or organisation you are leading. This book is targeted for all ages especially the young and senior professionals.


We will be announcing the titles as soon the books are completed and everyone will have the opportunity to read these exciting titles and benefit from the contents.


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