Past Programmes

GCSE Accelerated Learning Programme

Using accelerated learning techniques, you will develop a better and deeper understanding of a subject at GCSE level. You will learn faster than ever before. More importantly you will activate your innate memory to remember facts and concepts. You will be able to apply your knowledge to examination questions to achieve higher grades. By using accelerated learning, you will avoid strenuous and lengthy revision sessions and learning quickly and easily. This course is unique in that it uses accelerated learning and efficient memory methods to learn and retain information as go along faster than ever before. Your grades will improve without time consuming, boring and inefficient route learning methods used conventionally in schools. Accelerated learning techniques are not normally taught in schools. This course will make it easy to apply accelerated techniques to topics in the GCSE subjects.


GCSE Subjects (AQA Syllabus)

1) Chemistry

2) Physics

3) Biology

4) Mathematics

Each subject is taught with accelerated learning techniques for 10 hours over the weekend (5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday).

COST: £175 per subject (or £100 per subject through Guidance Hub).

The tutor will be an eminent Professor from the University of Lincoln, Professor Waqar Ahmed. He has a wealth of experience teaching GCSE and A-levels not only in the University system but has taught widely across the sector. Professor Ahmed was owner of Kip McGrath Education Centre in Preston and founder of Ace Tuition College in Longsight (Manchester). Professor Ahmed’s students have gone onto very successful careers where high GSCE grades are essential such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry and law.


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