"What people say about YPS..."

To stand out in today’s culture, individuals need to express a range of skills outside of what they learn in school. YPS provides the opportunity to enhance soft skills, gain extra-curricular knowledge, and connect with a wide range of professionals across multiple fields. In an ever changing world, YPS offers attainable ways to develop and enhance skills through clubs, activities, competitions and more. The ever-growing network of professionals and mentors around the world offer unique perspectives into the challenges of today, and shapes the leaders of tomorrow.
Justus Peacock
Project manager adidas (USA)
In today's competitive world, it is very important that we start early on learning the skills and acquiring the knowledge. The skills and knowledge come in many shapes, flavors and forms; whether these are in personal relations, communications, team leadership, technical, experimentation, or simply trying to make sense of the world around us. YPS has taken up the right challenge to have the leaders of tomorrow trained in many dimensions while learning from the role models and grounding their feet in the footsteps of successful professionals
Samir Iqbal
professor, utrgv (usa)
YPS is a great place for young people to develop their personal and professional skills. Every young person needs good mentors to show them the way to success. YPS consists of an excellent network of professionals and mentors. The network is truely international consisting of world leaders in their fields and professions. I highly recoomend young people to associate themsleves with YPS in order to learn about soft skills and personal and professional development
Ahmed El-Mallul
surgeon (poland)
A society like YPS is needed in order to draw the best out of our young generations embarking upon different challenges in today’s world. Problems and challenges faced by us are interdisciplinary and can only be solved when experts from different fields join hands and work alongside each other for a common cause. Whether it is about sciences, economics, politics or environment, we need to bring forth the leaders in the field to enlighten the younger generations and us with their views in the field
Yarjan Samad
scientist (uk)
An important aspect of a professional society is to provide young people with opportunities and platforms where they can grow and develop their professional careers. I was very fortunate to be mentored and subsequently introduced to an excellent opportunity by Dr Nasar Ali of YPS when I was looking for a PhD position after completing my Masters degree. I am currently a PhD student at City University of Hong Kong working on a nanotechnology related project.
Dilawar Hassan
phd student (hong kong)
YPS is working professionally and intelligently to help the youth with personal and professional development. They focus on building soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, innovation, mentoring, coaching etc. Unfortunately, key soft skills such as public speaking, time management and negotiation skills are not taught in our schools. It's immensely important that the youth master these skills at an early age so that they are better prepared when they step out in the real working world. I am extremely pleased to witness YPS progress so well in serving the youth who are the future of this country and who have the potential to become future global leaders. I would encourage all the youth to get involved with YPS and I remain fully supportive of the society and it’s programmes. Good luck and keep up the excellent work in shaping the futures of our younger generation and this great country.
Afzal Khan
Politician (UK)