The Young Professionals Society is set up to help, support and change lives of youth by providing personal and professional development opportunities. It aims to bring to the forefront a more progressive, accomplished, and enlightened younger generation of people who will be the representatives and leaders of their communities and who will contribute positively towards the wider society.

Some of the youth activities have been running since March 2019 (having operated under Guidance Hub and 3 Meem Foundation).

Waqar Ahmed


Professor Waqar Ahmed is a Professor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the University of Lincoln where he plays a dual role: firstly, as the Deputy Head of School of Mathematics & Physics and secondly as Deputy Director of Research for the College of Science.

Professor Ahmed is the “President” of the Young Professionals Society. He will be providing his vision and leadership in driving forward the objects of the society and in doing so contributing towards helping many young people become successful in their lives and professional careers.

Nasar Ali


Dr Nasar Ali is the Scientific Director of NANOSMAT Global, an international organization involved in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology sector. Dr Ali is the recepient of the Bunshah Prize 2002 (USA).  

Dr Nasar Ali is the founder of the Young Professionals Society and the Chairman. He has tremendous experience in working in a learned professional society environment and Dr Ali will be driving many of the society’s initiatives and playing a central role in managing the educational programmes.