Young Leaders Award 2022

YPS recognises ‘excellence’ and honours outstanding young professionals who have shown, during the early years of their professional careers outstanding achievements

YPS is pleased to announce ‘YPS Young Leaders Award’ – a prestigious annual award that will be conferred on an outstanding young professional individual.

(i) Achievements
(ii) Impact
(iii) Sustainability

1. A candidate can only receive the prize once and not more than this.
2. The winner needs to attend in person to receive the award. It is planned that the awards ceremony will be held at the ‘Parliament House’ in London in 2021 (to be confirmed).
3. Unsuccessful candidates can be re-considered for the award for the following 2 years. Therefore, they will be in the system for a total of three years.
4. The candidates considered for the award must be up to the age of 45 years.
5. The candidate must be a working professional.

Selection Process
The YPS Awards Committee will review the applications (candidates CV and nomination letters) and select one successful young professional for the award.

Reference Letters
2 reference letters are required per application. Any senior professional, belonging to a recognised and established institution/company, can act as a referee. The reference letter MUST be written on a professional letterhead. The reference letter should support the candidate for the award and must address the criteria (achievements, impact and sustainability).

For the ‘YPS Young Leaders Award 2022’ – the deadline for nomination submissions is 28 February 2022.
NB: Late nominations will not be considered.

The prize will be composed of the following:
1. A plaque/medal/trophy
2. A certificate
3. Free Professional Membership of YPS