10 steps to communicating effectively and concisely in 30 seconds

  1. In the modern world everyone is busy with no time waste. Therefore, you need to get your point across quickly. 30 seconds is the ideal length of time. People can only concentrate for 30 seconds before they get distracted. TV adverts are about 30 seconds. Be concise.


  1. You must have a single clear cut objective, goal or purpose to your message. Know exactly what you want. If you have more than one objective it will be confusing for the listener.


  1. Get your message to the right person. Learn as much as you can about that person so you can communicate to persuade. Know your listeners.


  1. Choose the right approach. This is a single thought or sentence that best lead you to your objective.


  1. Use a hook to get attention. It can be a question or statement. Your hook should be related to your listeners, objective or your approach. It can be humorous or unusual personal experience.


  1. Know your subject and present it concisely and forcefully as possible. What, where, when, how, why and who are all part of your subject.


  1. Make a specific request and decide on your close in advance.


  1. Paint a compelling picture. Use imagery. Be clear. Personalise your message and use emotional appeal.


  1. Make a good first impression. Smile, dress smart, be enthusiastic and be yourself.


  1. Don’t read or memorise your message. Rehearse and perfect your message. Practice makes perfect.

Posted by ypsociety