7 reasons why you should join the Young Professionals Society

Young Professional Society (YPS) has been set up to provide a solid platform for young people to build their careers and for experienced professionals to use their knowledge and experience to contribute to their development. Here are 7 reasons for you should join the Young Professionals Society.

  1. You will be able to interact regularly with young and experienced professionals during network events, workshops/seminars and mentoring relationships to gain new insights and experiences. The YPS will provide an environment for a fruitful and professional contributions to youth development in the UK and internationally. Experienced professional will have the opportunity to give back to society and dynamically support younger generations.
  2. YPS members will benefit from a one-to-one career dissection and coaching session to help to develop a career progression plan that will plot clearly one’s trajectory on to a professional career and progression to higher levels. This will be supplemented by career seminars for youngsters to enters careers in engineering, medicine, pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, accountancy and business. These opportunities will save time and effort compared with trial and error method of career development and progression. Youngsters aspiring to enter certain professions such as medicine need to make early choice of subjects and proficiency levels to access these careers.
  3. You will receive discounts to all YPS events such as workshops, training seminars, courses and clubs. These include Writers Club, Entrepreneurs Clubs and Speakers Club.
  4. YPS will focus its efforts in developing soft skills in young people to complement to specific professional skills taught in colleges and universities. Developmental activities will begin at a young age to develop a high degree of efficiency by the time a person enters professional life. In addition, for those who have not reached a high level of proficiency in the softer skills will brought up to professional level through intensive courses and coaching/mentoring relationships.
  5. YPS members will receive a biannual publication packed with information about members, programmes available, career development events and informative interviews.
  6. Members will be recognised with appropriate letters after their name e.g. MYPS indicating their level of maturity and achievement.
  7. Within a particular profession the differences between the highly successful and the average is a small percentage. By cross fertilisation of knowledge and experience amongst various professions these differences can easily be achieved by a greater number of people. We can all learn of one another. For example, an academic can learn a lot about marketing of courses from a business professional and a business professional can learn a lot about logic, data analysis and data driven decision making.


To join the YPS please complete the application form which can be downloaded from the link here

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