A leading expert to teach a course on ‘How to innovate’

Dr Mikael Syvajarvi – a leading expert in the field of innovation will teach a 3-hour online course on How to innovate to target and help young people on how to go on about with the processes of innovation. He will share experiences and practices with the participants which will contribute to the future innovative decisions.

In the course we will describe how young professionals can consider the innovation avenues by creating strategic choices. These arise from own motivations. Innovation means that there are many unknown factors. To innovate means that we have to do things in new ways and that there will be surprises. The new ways we can find when we have some experiences to make decisions from. The motivations are made more clear when practices can guide to next steps.

The course is for young people in all disciplines. We will use examples and discussion from examples and own experiences.

Participants will learn that:

– there are additional values of innovation ideas
– innovative minds are not necessarily smart
– to innovate is to believe and be persistent
– an innovation can be good enough
– to innovate is to get started
– it is not the funding, it is people who bring innovations to the next level


The course will be held on Saturday 23 April 2022

Veue: On ZOOM (Online)

Time: 11am-2pm (UK London times)


Course Fee: £20 (20GBP)

(Each registered participant will receive a certificate)


To register for the course click here – https://bit.ly/3uKsMe5

Note: Once you submit this form we will email you a payment link to make online payment.

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