A letter to a friend from Mars!

During the Young Writers Club, the members were set homework where they had to write a letter to a friend who had just returned from a trip to Mars and upon arrival back to earth the friend was forced to quarantine for 2 weeks. This friend knew nothing about Coronavirus and about the global situation due to Covid-19. The letter was to explain what was happening and that they should not worry about going to quarantine. Below you can read what one of our young members Sarah Touami wrote to her friend who had just returned from Mars:


Hello there, Adventurer!

A little bird told me you went to Mars – I can’t wait to hear about all the fantastic things you saw. I wonder, did you make any new friends?

Now, there is a secret I must share with you. It is a secret only brave boys can know about, so you’re very special. My child, there is an invisible alien called COVID-19. This nasty alien invaded our planet and has doubled and tripled and doubled and tripled; now it is everywhere! The big bad politicians were a little scared, so they made us all stay at home… to keep us safe of course. That is why the streets are empty, the shops are closed, and there’s no more school (I’m sure you’re very happy about that!).

There is also something else I must share with you. If you touch this alien, you may get poorly. Some people feel too hot or too cold, some people cough a lot, some have an upset stomach. Sometimes, these people get so poorly that they must go to hospital (let’s call them Poorly People). But don’t you worry – they can be saved! Every single day, thousands of superheroes in bright blue capes swoop in to save the day. They work all night long to look after the Poorly People. How brave of them, don’t you think?

Now let me tell you more about the superheroes. Yes, they can fight the evil aliens, but they are only human. Their batteries need recharging every so often. Can you guess how they get their energy? Every Thursday night, when the clock reads 8 o’clock, the whole country stands at their door and claps. They clap, clap, clap from their heart, and the clapping transforms to energy for the heroes – that’s how they’re so strong! It is our gratefulness and support that keeps them going, so we must keep clapping.

I know you may feel alone and frightened but remember little one: you are brave. You are courageous. You are an adventurer! Explore this new world, instead of fearing it. Raid the kitchen with your siblings, go on a treasure hunt around the house for chocolate, discover new games you can play to pass time. One day, the nasty alien will be defeated, and you will go back to school, so enjoy this freedom while you can (it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be getting homework again!)


From your fellow adventurer,

Sarah Touami (16 Years old)

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