A proud parent of a confident young member of the Young Speakers Club!

We are so pleased to receive a ‘testimonial’ from a parent of a young member (called Asma) of the Young Speakers Club who attended during 2019. We are so pleased to know that Asma has grown in confidence and we wish her all the best. Well done Asma!!

Asma was extremely shy when she started the club and lacked confidence. However, by the end, she became so confident that she was the runner up at the YSC Speech Competition 2019. 
“As a proud Mum, I would just like to share something with all of you and insha’Allah it will inspire others…
Thanks to the Young Speakers Club (YSC), Asma developed her writing skills, as well as her speaking skills, Alhumdullilah! This inspired Asma to enter a National competition last year, the Young Muslim Writers Award. Consequently (and to our surprise!) she made it to one of the five finalists in her age group for the Journalism category, Masha’Allah.
So I am extremely grateful to the organisers of the club for initiating and continuing to run such as dynamic initiative that gives children a platform to discover and develop their hidden talents.
Jazakh’Allah Khair and I pray that may Allah grant you success in all of your future initiatives… Ameen.

Posted by ypsociety