YPS Summer School 2022

YPS Summer School 2022

GCSE Accelerated Learning Programme
8-12 August 2022
Venue: Coppice Library and Well-being Centre, Coppice Avenue, Sale M33 4ND (UK).
YPS is pleased to organise the YPS Summer School 2022.
In this one-week summer school, the students (working for GCSE qualifications) will learn all about the different accelerated learning techniques that can help them to learn FASTER and RETAIN information for much longer by learning how to place the information into their long-term memories.
Many people including professionals use such techniques to succeed and progress in their careers, however, students can also apply these techniques to achieve top grades in GCSEs or in A-level and even at university level.
Using accelerated learning techniques is a SMART way of becoming successful in the things that really matter to you and the things you really want to achieve in life and become successful in.
During this school, Professor Waqar Ahmed (University of Lincoln) who has a wealth of knowledge, know-how and experience in teaching GCSE subjects and accelerated learning techniques will go through the GCSE Syllabus for 4 subjects: AQA’ (i) Physics, (ii) Biology, (iii) Mathematics and (iv) Chemistry and will demonstrate how to apply these accelerated learning techniques which will help you to achieve grade 9’s in your GCSE exams.
To see last years taster session on GCSE Accelerated Learning programme, click here – https://youtu.be/V7iH86KIg9w
Day 1: 8th August (10am – 5pm)
Day 2: 9th August (10am – 5pm)
Day 3: 10th August (10am – 5pm)
Day 4: 11th August (9am – 1pm)
Day 5: 12th August (10am – 3:30pm)
1. YPS Member fee – £159.20 (with 20% discount included)
2. Non-Member – £199
To register online (via Eventbrite) click here – https://bit.ly/39yOFVF
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How to write and present your research paper?

How to write and present your research paper?

To succeed and prosper in academia across the world, the skills of writing and presenting high quality research papers to the community are essential. Research productivity depends on both quality and volume of research papers published in high impact factor peer reviewed journals. You need to be proud of your paper and eager to present it at international conferences to build your research reputation and profile. When writing high quality papers and presenting them with clarity, charisma, style and authority you will get noticed and cited which will enhance your h index – a measure of your esteem as a researcher.


This course will provide key insights and practice in converting your research work into a high quality and insightful research paper. It will also provide guidance on how to present with impact at international research conferences. The course content includes the following elements:

  • Reasons for writing a research paper – define your purpose
  • Anatomy of a research paper
  • Importance of planning and outlining your paper
  • How to write various sections of the paper
  • Writing the paper – the process explained
  • Grammar, style, and layout
  • Editing and refining the paper
  • What journal editors are looking for
  • Peer review process and how to respond to referee comments
  • Final preparation of the paper to make it ready for publication
  • Preparing and presenting your paper at international conferences


Instructors: Professor Waqar Ahmed (University of Lincoln) and Dr Nasar Ali (Chairman, NANOSMAT)


BOOT CAMP on “How to write research papers for publication and present at international conferences”

The BOOT CAMP will be held on 9 July 2022 as a Virtual event on ZOOM.

The event will be a full one-day (9am-5pm). The cost of registration would normally be £199 (British Pounds), however, we can offer this to you for £99 (British Pounds) at 50% discount).


To register click here

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Turning Fear and Pain into Potential and Possibilities

Turning Fear and Pain into Potential and Possibilities

Most of us get into the comfort zone and avoid pain and fear. We hide and shrink into mediocrity.  Many people are afraid of public speaking. It’s a major phobia. Most people try to avoid public speaking at all costs. Surprisingly, people would rather die than speak in public. The more you avoid pain or fear the bigger it gets. Before long it becomes a monster in your mind.


People with fear of something will always play small. There are many fears such as fear of rejection, fear of public speaking, fear of being judged and criticised. These fears are not real. They feel as though they are real, but they are a figment of your imagination. They give us pain.


If we get pain occasionally, then it would not be a major problem. You could avoid it and it wouldn’t affect your life. We want to stay in our comfort zone and avoid any pain. For example, people associate pain to exercise so they avoid it. They get fat and slow and that also causes them pain. They would rather sit and watch TV and eat their favourite fast foods, crisps, chocolates, drink coke, etc.  A quick way out of pain into pleasure. It also the quickest way to diabetes and heart diseases.


What do you fear? or associate the most pain within your life? Make a list. How do you avoid these things? How do you organise your life to avoid these pains?


This is known as your comfort zone. It is a safe play area. It is familiar. You get into it without any effort. It feels great.


In the longer term, when you retreat to your comfort zone, every time you feel challenged then you will pay a major price. You will keep your life small. You will feel stuck and can’t get out of it. However, you must get out of it. On the other side of pain or fear is a dream of endless possibilities.


How to you get out of your comfort zone?

  1. Identify your pains and fears. Get a piece of paper and make a list of all your pains and fears and the things you do your best to avoid. It may be fear of rejection.
  2. Pick one pain, something you are avoiding or something you know is good for you, but you hate the thought of doing it. This may be something emotional or physical.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine the pain you would feel in your chosen situation. It may be speaking in front of a group of people in class or at work.
  4. Forget about the situation and focus on the pain itself.
  5. See the pain in front of you as a barrier.
  6. Scream silently at the barrier and “BRING IT ON”. Feel the strong desire to move into the pain – barrier.
  7. As you break through the barrier silently scream “I LOVE PAIN”. Keep moving forward. Go into the pain as if you are one with it.
  8. As you move past the broken pieces of the door then say with a strong conviction, “PAIN SETS ME FREE.”


If you avoid pain, it will grow bigger and bigger.  It will pursue you like a hungry lion. You can’t stay away from it. It wants to kill you or destroy you.


When you face the pain then it will shrink. If you keep facing it, then it will disappear. By doing this you’ve converted pain or fear into a powerful fuel. When you desire pain then you will have a completely different mindset to most people. By using pain or fear as a fuel, you have a tool in your life that will drive you to succeed in any field and situation. It will propel you like a rocket into space. Use it every time you feel like avoiding something and you will enter a sphere of infinite possibilities.


This blog has been taken from the Success Secrets Book.  Click here to order the book.

To contact us: info@ypsociety.uk

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YPS Young Member involved in winning £2000 at the Girls Active Dragons Den Event

YPS Young Member involved in winning £2000 at the Girls Active Dragons Den Event

The Girls Active Dragon’s Den event organised and funded by the Sweaty Betty Foundation, is a girls focused community event aiming to fund girl-led projects that get girls more active over the summer holidays in 2022.

The event provided a great opportunity for girls (aged 11-18) from all over UK to pitch ideas, develop entrepreneurial spirit and do so in a supportive, exciting, girl focused environment. The Sweaty Betty Foundation’s mission is to empower women and girls from every background to get active, and stay active, for life. For the Dragons Den event, the foundation wanted to fund high quality projects involving girls from all ethnicities to get active and improve their physical and mental health wellbeings.

A team of three girls – Zainab, Merve and Safia were involved in the Girls Active Dragons Den Event and they pitched their idea to the five Dragons (a mixture of Sweaty Betty staff members, Sweaty Betty Foundation Trustees and donors). These girls were representing the Al-Hilal Regeneration Enterprise, which is a grass roots organisation with charitable aims, aspiring to empower local youth and women.

Zainab is an existing Young Member of the Young Professionals Society and has consistently been attending and participating in the Young Speakers and Leaders Clubs.

The girls came up with an exciting and original idea of a 6-week accredited indoor practical rock-climbing programme that would, upon completion, contribute towards receiving a NICAS level 1 qualification. The Dragons were so impressed with the pitch that they decided to fund the girls £2000 instead of £1500, so an additional £500 was granted to them for the excellent idea, good planning, passion, dedication, and the girl’s outstanding performance at the event.

It was a great opportunity for all the girls to display their PERSUASIVE SPEAKING skills, which are taught and practiced thoroughly at the YPS Speakers, and Leaders Clubs and Zainab has had plenty of practice from attending these clubs in the past. Communication is one of the key fundamental pillars that YPS works under alongside Leadership and Innovation.

YPS member Zainab said that “it was a great feeling to win; and a golden opportunity for me to put my persuasive speaking skills into action to convince the Dragons to fund our project that I was thoroughly involved with and felt very passionate about”.

Sundus Salam, Director of Al-Hilal Regeneration Enterprise said “I was amazed with the successful outcome at the Dragons Den event, the girls all worked extremely hard and did fantastically well from coming up with the idea, planning and pitching in front of the dragons”.

YPS wanted to reward all the girls and offered them FREE one-year complimentary membership (Young member category). Hopefully now the winning three will have more such opportunities for personal development and will each receive expert career mentoring from other senior professionals and global leaders.

Well done to Zainab, Merve and Safia.

YPS contact:

info@ypsociety.uk | www.ypsociety.uk

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To be the BEST, Spend time with the Best People

To be the BEST, Spend time with the Best People

If you want to achieve something, then you must spend as much time as possible with people who have already succeeded. The influence of people you spend time with is very subtle and often unconscious. However, it is a very powerful driving or hindering force in your life. You simply must spend your time with and learn from people who are successful and have the characteristics that you desire.


You are the average of about half a dozen people who you spend the most time with during your normal day. If you spend time with positive and ambitious people, then you will also become positive and ambitious. If spend time with who whine and whing then you will also tend to match and mirror those characteristics. It takes a lot of mental effort to hold yourself to a higher standard of thought and behaviour. If you want to live a better life, then you must raise your standards. You must spend time with people who also have high standards.


People who get into a negative spiral often hang around people who are also negative about their lives and people around them. They tend to complain and resent other people’s fortune and luck. You must find a way to spend less and less time with these people. This is very difficult particularly if they are members of your family. You can choose your friends, but you can’t change your family. You must find a way of keeping your mental vibrations high and positive. Holding yourself to that standard can often raise the standards of the family around you. If you can take them with you then that is fabulous, if not limit your time with them.


Humans model other people’s thoughts, behaviour, and actions. Often, this is unconscious. We don’t even know it we are doing it. We must wake up. We must consciously watch our thoughts and actions. You must amplify the positive and reduce and eliminate the negative behaviour. This is not a one-time thing. Its something you must condition into your life daily. You can’t be fit and healthy if you only exercise occasionally. You must exercise every day. You must eat the right foods, get enough rest and proper sleep. The idea is very simple, if you want to be the best at anything then you must spend time with and model the best in your chosen area.


Very often the goals you set are influenced by people around you. For example, I am not a materialistic person, but I used to drive past a neighbour’s house who had a beautiful Mercedes. As I drove past, I used to look at it and admire its elegance. I imaged myself driving it to work. I did this every day until it became a habit. It felt amazing. Within a few years I was driving a new Mercedes and since have upgraded many times. No other car has the same thrill for me even though we have had Porches, BMW i8 and several new Tesla models in our driveway for years. I think I will always be a Mercedes man, even though I love my daughter’s new Bentley.


It is particularly important for young people to keep good company. We all know that at a young age the influence of the peer group is very profound. If your friends smoke and wear certain type of cool clothes you may be easily influenced and match their lifestyle and behaviour. If your friends want to become doctors, lawyers, or business tycoons then you may also follow suit. It is essential for young people to spend time with good, honest, hardworking, and ambitious friends who have a positive long-term influence.


People around you are sources of new learning and development opportunities. Make sure you take the opportunity to learn new skills from people around you. There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling as learning new things and becoming a better person. Keep learning and growing and there is no better way than learning from people with whom you spend the most time.


Good people are a great treasure. When you spend time with good people you will feel supported and appreciated. A powerful human need is to be appreciated and loved. You need know that you are good enough. Good friends and companions are a joy to spend time with because they give you the time and appreciation you need. As a good person you can also reciprocate appreciation for people around you and you will add value to their lives.


You friends and colleagues can either elevate you to new heights or sink you the lowest depths. Choose carefully. Pick people who are positive and supportive and avoid people who are negative and disempowering. This is the most important decision you will make and will have the biggest impact on your life, long and short term.


We can choose our friends but can’t choose our family. Be kind and respectful to them. Help them. Love them. However, spend more time with members of your family who have a positive impact on your life and less time with those who are negative and drag you down.


Make a commitment and declare that you will work with and spend more time with the very best people, and you will become one of them. You become like those who you spend the most time with. Make sure you spend your time in the company of the best people with highest standard of ethics, behaviour, and ambition. Make sure your children do the same thing and they are also in the company of good friends.


You become the best by spending time with, learning from and modelling the very best people. This applies to learning skills and developing noble and good characteristics.


This blog has been taken from the Success Secrets BookClick here to order the book.


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Launch of the new book titled SUCCESS SECRETS

Launch of the new book titled SUCCESS SECRETS

Young Professionals Society proudly announces its new book publication titled “Success Secrets”.

This amazing and life changing book consists of around 200 pages composed of 52 chapters. Each chapter reveals a ‘secret’ to a successful career. There are 52 secrets in this book and once applied to your life can transform you, your life and your career. At the end of each chapter are some exercises to help you to adopt and apply each secret to your life for a successful outcome.

This amazing book, authored by world renowned Professor Waqar Ahmed, is written in simple English for all to easily understand, comprehend and apply to areas of your life where you want to transform.

To celebrate the launch of this new and exciting book, YPS wants to give away for FREE up to 5 e-copies of the book to 5 lucky winners.

To enter into a draw and stand a chance of winning this book (originally priced at £20 printed copy) all you have to do is enter the raffle draw by submitting your email to us.

Click here to enter – https://bit.ly/3aoflbr

The closing date to submit your entry is Monday 6 June 2022. We will then pick out the 5 lucky winners and email them a e-copy of the book (in PDF format).

To order on Amazon:

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The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Podcast

The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Podcast

Dr Nasar Ali and Professor Waqar Ahmed (University of Lincoln) appeared on the Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Podcast hosted by Scott Challinor to talk about the Young Professionals Society and its activities. The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland is chaired by the eminent Lord David Blunkett who is committed to increasing the quality of the conversations between SMEs and policy makers. A current member of the House of Lords, he was an MP for twenty-three years and has served as Home Secretary, Education and Employment Secretary and Work and Pensions Secretary.

On the podcast Scott explored several areas of the Young Professional Society such as purpose and vision, activities, learning opportunities and benefits of membership.  The key points covered included:

  • The purpose and vision of YPS is to educate, help, support and mentor young people develop their leadership skills so that they can lead the world in their chosen arena.
  • By raising the quality of leadership young people will go on to transform lives of people on the planet and improve the environment.
  • The focus of YPS is on three pillars: leadership, innovation, and communication. When these are combined with subject specific knowledge a leader becomes a potent force for positive change in society.
  • YPS will provide youngsters with access and mentoring people who are at the top of their professions face to face or online depending on the vicinity. The support is highly targeted depending on specific requirements and expertise available.
  • YPS also provides opportunities for networking and communication so that peer-to-peer learning activities are optimised.
  • Soft skills are often neglected in formal education and thus act as a limiting factor in career progression and transition. YPS runs specific courses, clubs and mentoring to help young professionals to raise their aspirations and achievements.
  • Formal learning, such as courses, lectures, workshops and webinars from outstanding leaders, is supported by experiential activities through forums such as: Speakers Club, Entrepreneurs Club, Writers Club, Young Leaders Club.
  • YPS uses accelerated learning and experiential technologies to reinforce principles of leadership into youngster’s mindset so that they become effective and transformational leaders in their field.
  • To succeed, younger people need appreciation and encouragement. YPS does this by recognising excellence and leadership with awards. The winners who have a significant impact in their field include:

Young Leaders Award Winners:

2020: Dr Yarjan Samad (Space Scientist), University of Cambridge (UK)

2021 Lady Zahra Niazi (Community Cohesion Leadership), Bradford City Council (UK)

2022 Dr Tanveer Tabish (Researcher), University of Oxford (UK).


Innovation Award Winners:

Will be announced later in 2022.


YPS Leaders Conference 2022 will held in Manchester on 6 August 2022. The event will include notable speakers such as:

Lord Wajid Khan

Afzal Khan (MP)

Prof. Werner BLAU (Ireland)

Prof. Alexander Seifalian (UK)

Prof. Ashok Vaseashta (USA)

  • Learning from people who are excellent in different fields cannot be over emphasised hence peer to peer learning is encouraged and supported. Principles of excellence and success are common however the way and the details of how these implemented will obviously vary from field to field.


To watch the recording of the Podcast Click here.

To find out more about leadership and YPS activities see our website – www.ypsociety.uk

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YPS President Professor Waqar Ahmed and Founding Chair Dr Nasar Ali win 2022 Outstanding Achievements Awards for ‘Youth Leadership Development’

Over the past 3 years Young Professional Society has worked tirelessly to bring key leadership principles to youngster via a range of activities including workshops, clubs, courses, and lectures from world renowned professionals. These have included scientistic, lawyers, politicians, doctors, academics, entrepreneurs and other business leaders. Youngsters have had access through Q & A sessions, group and one-to-one mentoring and coaching sessions. The main goal of the activities was to build leadership knowledge and experience of young people because they will go forward in the future and shape society and the environment in which humans live. The training went beyond academic knowledge to high quality experiential and immersive activities so that the principles are embedded in the nervous system of each participants making it useable in real life situations.

The activities employed principles of 100% participation and engagement and used accelerated learning technology to embed knowledge and experience with individual’s personalities so that core principles become habits that enable excellence to be achieved.


YPS has strived to recognise excellence and the achievements of young people through their major Young Leaders Award. The inaugural award (in 2020) went to Dr Yarjan Samad from the Cambridge Graphene Centre (University of Cambridge) for his work on graphene-based materials for space applications. In 2022, the award went to Lady Zahra Niazi from Bradford City Council (2021) who has demonstrated leadership and championed diversity and equality amongst all people of Bradford and beyond. This year’s 2022 award went to Dr Tanveer Tabish from the University of Oxford who has made scientific breakthroughs and significant contributions to the development of anti-cancer nanomedicines and is currently working on projects to support British Heart Foundation in providing solutions to overcome the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


These 3 award recipients will be attending and speaking at the YPS’ Leaders Conference 2022 to be held on 6th August 2022 in Manchester. The conference will host many world-renowned speakers and leaders in different fields and will also hold a special expert panel session “Quo Vadimos on Leadership in a Volatile World for Young Professionals”.


In recognition for their contributions to ‘Youth Leadership Development’, Prof. Waqar Ahmed (University of Lincoln) President and Dr Nasar Ali, Founding Chair of Young Professional Society were presented with 2022 Achievement Awards by Nazir Afzal OBE, the new Chancellor of University of Manchester and Lord Wajid Khan, Baron Khan of Burnley, and former Member of European Parliament (MEP) and Lord Mayor of Burnley, respectively.

Speaking at the presentations Dr Ali (pictured on the left) dedicated these awards to the energetic efforts of professionals who have generously contributed their time and effort for the benefits of youngsters. They provide the impetus to intensify and diversify into activities that will benefit our future leaders and their efforts to make the world a better environment for everyone on the planet. The awards ceremony took place at the Old Trafford Cricket Club (Etihad Stadium) on 21 May 2022 and was attended by 800 people consisting of professionals, leaders, businesspeople, and artists. The mega event was hosted by DM Group and chaired by Dr Liaqat Malik.

Photo at the top left is of Prof. W. Ahmed (left) and Dr N. Ali (right) with their awards at the Awards Ceremony held at the Old Trafford Cricket stadium (Etihad Stadium).

For more information about Young Professionals Society, to become a member or to just get involved and benefit from the life changing activities Click here.

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Historical operation performed to remove colon tumor

Historical operation performed to remove colon tumor

A historic and groundbreaking operation using the laparoscopic method (involving minimum invasiveness) recently took place at the Kutno Government Hospital in Poland. This was the first time in this region of Poland that such an operation was performed on a patient. These surgical procedures are performed by very few surgeons around the world.

Professor Ahmed El-Malul (pictured on the left) successfully carried out the operation on a patient to remove a colon tumor. Professor Ahmed El-Malul is a senior general surgeon practicing in Poland. He is also a professional member of the Young Professionals Society and supports the activities and opportunities provided to the youth and young professionals with personal and professional development.



The day after the operation, the patient moved on his own and was ready to be discharged, but only due to the post-operative diagnostics and the patients safety, he remianed in hospital care for a while to make sure that everythnig was fine – say Bartosz Serenda from KSS.

The operation was financed by the National Health Fund (NHF) and was performed thanks to Professor El-Malul’s experience and the modern equipment at the hospital in Kutno. Only a few hospitals in Poland carry out such operations.

Professor Ahmed El-Malul will be attending the YPS Leaders Conference 2022 to be held in Manchester (UK) on 6 August 2022. To learn more about this conference and to register to attend click here.


Original source – EWI24

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How to build Momentum in Leadership?

How to build Momentum in Leadership?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, even when you have all the resources, people and the vision to succeed it seems so hard, and you just can’t get things going?


Alternatively, you may have had times when with very little effort you seem to keep producing success after success. The difference is MOMENTUM.

When you start a snowball at the top of a mountain, it starts off small and moves slowly. It can be easily stopped at the top. However, as it rolls down the mountain the snowball gets bigger and bigger as it gathers more snow and is moving faster and faster. When it is near the bottom it is very large and moving very fast, it is very difficult to stop taking tremendous effort. It will keep moving and destroy anything that’s in the way.

Momentum works in the same way. When a leader has momentum, he or she looks great. Momentum multiplies the chances of success. The leader’s talents appear far greater than they really are. Hence, as leaders become more experienced, they look better than they are.

Momentum is a leader’s greatest tool for success in the organisation. You must learn to develop and harness the power of momentum.

With no momentum even the simplest tasks seem very difficult. However, with momentum you can achieve amazing things. Future looks bright when you have momentum.  It seems bleak and dark when you don’t have it. To succeed you must learn to build momentum in your organisation and use it to achieve the vision and goals of the company or team. Momentum is often the difference between a team winning or losing.

Momentum multiplies everything.

In sports, you can see it. When a football team scores early and then a second goal, they often go on to win by a large margin. It seems so easy to score. Everything goes right. They have momentum in their favour.

The opposing team has no momentum and misses easy chances. Nothing is working for them. When they try to score, they concede goals.

Teams without momentum often complain by refereeing decisions going against them, video replays, injuries to key players and the weather conditions. How often have you heard winning teams complaining about referees, injuries and weather conditions? They also have injuries, and some refereeing decisions go against them. Their success is amplified by the power of momentum.

This is also the case for leaders. Their success is exaggerated by momentum being in their favour. Often, new leaders do not get the credit they deserve because they don’t have the value of time to build momentum in their careers.  Conversely, experienced leaders get more credit than they may deserve because momentum has made it easier for them to succeed.

Success compounds for experienced leaders compared to new leaders. Hence, often the only difference is momentum.

When strong leaders that have momentum in their favour, they make their followers perform better. They are more motivated, inspired and believe than they can succeed and often they do succeed. Hence, followers perform at a much higher level even if they have the same talent. Average people perform well above average with the power of momentum behind them.

The responsibility for building momentum is the leaders.

A great leader must be a role model. You must as a leader be an example of enthusiasm, commitment, drive and believe in your vision to attract the right people to you and make your team follow you. You will motivate them, and they will also believe that they can succeed.

As you progress you will build momentum and success will become easier. You must then harness the power of momentum for even greater success.


How can you take on the responsibility to build momentum in your organisation? It all starts with you as a leader.

Are you enthusiastic, passionate and driven to succeed?

How could you spend more time motivating your team members?

What are the demotivating factors present in your team members?

What steps can you take to remove or reduce demotivating factors?

Are you taking the time and paying attention to celebrate the achievements of your team members?

Are you praising their efforts and rewarding accomplishments regularly?

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The secret of Elon Musk’s & Mohammad Ali’s success

The secret of Elon Musk’s & Mohammad Ali’s success

The Young Professionals Society have launched their regular weekly podcasts on Leadership which are designed to help young people, including students, graduates, professionals and aspiring young leaders to learn about what are the essentials in leadership and how to prepare yourself for success, to be the best, and to be the global leader in any field.

The inaugural podcast on Leadership Vision can be viewed on the YPS Youtube channel. In this podcast, Professor Waqar Ahmed discusses the importance of having a good vision for successful outcomes. Professor Ahmed gives valuable advice and makes some recomemndations on what you can do and how to go on about reaching your goals and accomplishing your vision.

Do remember to subscribe to the YPS Youtube channel so that you can keep updated with all the YPS videos includng the Podcasts.


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What to do and avoid in starting a Company

What to do and avoid in starting a Company

A world leader in Spinouts will give a webinar on “What to do and avoid in starting a Company”. The webinar is organised by University College London.
Professor Peter Dobson, OBE from The Queen’s College, the University of Oxford will be speaking at this webinar.
Before embarking on starting a company, you need to ask yourself and others a lot of questions, because it is likely to change your life.
• Why are you doing it? Is it because you see this as your only way of exploiting your ideas? Is it for the good of humanity? Do you want to create jobs and personal wealth?
• Have you done due diligence on the idea? Have you checked for other companies, both collaborators and competitors? How does their Intellectual Property compare with yours?
• Is there a “supply chain” involved? And where do you sit in this supply chain and are you vulnerable?
• How will you raise money to start? And, do you have a clear idea of how to sustain the growth of the company?
• Do you have an “exit plan”?
Many of the answers to these questions carry possible “red flags” and are avoidable, this seminar discusses these.
Join Zoom Meeting
Date: 25th May 2 pm – 3 pm (UK time)
Meeting ID: 989 0078 6577
Passcode: 671941
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Sacrifice is the Heart of Great Leadership

Sacrifice is the Heart of Great Leadership

Why do you want to be a leader?

Most people want to be leaders because they want to make more money, have a better life and get a high status in society. Some want to become leaders because they want to make a change in the society in which they live or organisation they work in. A few want to lead so that they can change the world.

Are you willing to pay the price?

Great leaders that go onto change the world have had to make great sacrifices. Nelson Mandela spent 28 years in prison to end oppression and free his people from slavery.

Martin Luther King sacrificed his life for the civil rights movement and his fight for equal rights for black people in America. The greater the level of leadership the greater the sacrifices that have to be made.


To climb up to leadership positions every leader has had to make personal sacrifices.


For example, for Christiano Ronaldo to become one of the greatest football players ever he had to make enormous sacrifices moving away from home at a tender age, spending all his time on honing his skills and developing his fitness to the ultimate degree.  He trains harder and has more passion than anyone else. The higher you want to climb as a leader the more you must give up. Leaders are willing to pay the price. The greatest leaders paid the ultimate price and lost their lives to better the lives of their people.


How much are you willing to give?

Great leaders will do whatever it takes and pay whatever price they need to pay. They are willing to give their life to win the ultimate victory.

Once a leader has reached the top, he can’t take it easy. If he does, he will fail to win. To stay at the top level, you have to keep giving up more and more. The greater the price you are willing to pay the higher you will go. Usually, it will take years of effort, sacrifices and commitment before you earn the right to lead.


Leadership is not just a position; it’s the ability to influence people and lead them towards a greater vision and fulfil their potential.


Many people are not willing to pay the price. For example, Imran Khan the recent prime minister of Pakistan was willing to do whatever it took to lead his people to a better life. He struggled for over 20 years and sacrificed his family in order to become Prime Minister. He gave up a life of wealth and luxury to attain leadership and continues to give up more and more to remain at the top to achieve his vision of a better future for the people of Pakistan.


By consistently giving up more and more you can rise higher and higher. A leader must always be an example of sacrifice for his followers in terms of time, money, commitment and sacrifices.

Leadership means you must trade things you value to get something you think has a greater value.

A great leader makes a commitment to continue making sacrifices to keep growing and developing as an individual so that you can serve as an example for your followers to inspire them to fulfil their ultimate potential.



  • What are you willing to sacrifice to become a leader and gain victory for your followers?
  • What are you not willing to sacrifice?
  • Think about your time, energy, health, relationships, finances, marriage and convenience.
  • Many people have an attitude to give something to arrive somewhere. They seek to achieve a certain position. In which areas are you unwilling to sacrifice.
  • Create affirmations in each area where you think you will become complacent and unwilling to sacrifice? (For example, “I will work daily on learning and growing in one or two areas every year.” Maybe you want to learn another language).

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Secrets to being super successful and happy in your profession?

Secrets to being super successful and happy in your profession?

What is the secret to being super successful?

How do you become rich?

Can you be rich and happy at the same time?


Every field has its superstars. Look at the world of sports? To be a professional you must be very good in your chosen area.

We all want to be good at what we do. We want to be a good parent, husband, wife, son, daughter, secretary, lecturer or whatever you choose to focus on. Most of us achieve this ambition and we are good at what we focus on.

What are your rewards for being good? Is the answer good?

No, because everyone is good, the rewards are poor. They are getting worse with inflation and rising cost of living.

There is only one way to success.

Raise your standards!

Let’s go from good to excellent. There are people around us who we look up to. They are excellent. Are they getting excellent rewards? No. They only have a good lifestyle and standard of living.


So, you may ask:

“What do I need to do to get excellent rewards”.

“I want more”.

“I am hungry, and I must have more than anyone else.”

There is only one answer. You must get to the next level. You must raise your ambition again. So, what’s the next level.


You must become outstanding in your chosen area. You must aim to become the best.


Make a declaration to be the best. Mohammad Ali declared when he was only a teenager,

“I am the greatest.”

Within a few years he became the Heavy Weight Champion of the World.

This shows the power of making a firm and unwavering commitment to being the best. You must make a declaration in your field to be the best. Focus on it every day and then work harder than anyone else to achieve your goal.


To play football in the premier league you must be better than 99% of the population. All the money is earned by a few outstanding footballers. The top few percent earn more that all the players combined. They get the highest wages, most bonuses, and the best sponsorship deals. They have the best lifestyle and riches.

Cristiano Ronaldo is worth £500,000,000. He’s considered outstanding, the very best. His rewards are excellent.

You must aim to be the best in your chosen area. This is the only worthy goal to have.


How do you become the best?

Here are eight secrets.

  1. You must set your intention or goal to be the best in one area of your life. Write and draw out a plan to be the best. This won’t happen overnight. You need to do it over years. Decide on a 10-20 years’ timeframe.


You must be in the game over the long term. That’s why it’s important to start as soon as possible. If you are young, then you have an advantage.


But don’t use age as an excuse. It’s very common to say: “I am too young”. Or “I am too old.”


There are no excuses. Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life. Then you’ll have the power to change it.


  1. You must rise early, and you must practice increasing your skills, drills, fitness, and knowledge in your chosen area.

Your focus should be on 3 things:

  • Practice
  • Perform
  • Recover

Decide to be the first on the practice place and the last one to leave. You must love practice. You must out work everyone.


  1. You must give 100% every time. Never hold back. Anything less than 100% is not acceptable. Leave everything out there in the field.

If you have this attitude in practice, then you will be able to perform under pressure. In key moments, you won’t fold under pressure. You will take control and succeed. You have done this many times in practice. It will feel natural for you.

If you give less than 100% then you will have self-doubt in critical moments. You will fall short of your ambition of being the best in your field.


  1. Eliminate distractions. We live in the age of distraction. You must eliminate all distractions from your life. I see people listening to music when they practice. Their attention is split. The best does not do that. They focus 100% of their energies into practice, training, and their routines.

Turn off social media – Facebook, YouTube, twitter, phone, and all notifications.

Anything not related to your goal is distraction.

Just do ONE THING.

Focus on the task at hand. Be in the present moment.

Now is the only time we have where we have control over. The past is gone. The future is far away.


  1. Be a player and not a spectator. Don’t listen to critics.

If there are 1,000 people watching, there are 1,000 opinions on what you should do, how you should do and when you should do it. Nobody really knows.

The only person that matters is the man in the arena. You are the man in the arena. Listen to your instincts.

Coaches have a role, and they want to improve your performance.

Listen, reflect, and implement.

When it is all said and done. You must execute. You are the man or women in the arena.


  1. You engage all your talents and support systems, you must have a compelling story. You must have strong reasons for doing this. Why do you want to be the best? The why will drive you to success. Make sure you know what it is.

Most people fail, not because they don’t have the talent, they tell themselves disempowering stories.

Develop your story. Tell it. Live it every day. It should turbo charge you, give purpose, drive, and ambition.


  1. When you set a goal to be the best there are parts of your brain that get activated that normally are dormant. These will make you notice things that you normally will not notice. Ideas for better training methods. Or a piece of information which could be the missing part of the jigsaw puzzle to complete your picture of becoming the best.

Your subconscious mind will tune into untapped frequencies and give ideas, information, or data that you need just at the right time.  This may happen in practice or during a performance.


  1. When you set the goal of being the best and you declare it, you will get criticism. People will tell you to be realistic. They will try to measure your potential and make up suggestions that will detract you from your goal. No one knows enough to tell you to back off or lower your ambition.

Never listen to them. What really counts is not people’s opinions but size of your heart and ambition. No one can know that except you.

Unrealistic people changed the world. At least, you can change your world if you aim to be the best in your field.

When you become the best, your rewards will be way beyond what you or anyone else can imagine.

Just do it. Go all out and be the best.


Blog written by Professor Waqar Ahmed

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NB. This post was inspired by the work of Bo Eason,


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