Call for Young Ambassadors!

Call for YPS Young Ambassadors
Would you like to lead, innovate and influence the future?
Leadership has emerged as a vital skill in order to influence in an increasingly complex and turbulent society.
Change is happening faster than ever, and communication channels have become more diverse and volatile making effective leadership a major challenge.
Young Professional Society recognises the need to train leaders early and therefore we are recruiting YPS ambassadors in an experiential journey.
You will be trained and mentored by professionals in leadership, communication and innovation. Young ambassadors will put their knowledge into practice by participating, organisation and leading activities of the YPS as it develops and grows. The skills developed will serve as a solid platform for future success in your educational journey and career.
If you are interested in joining us to create an exciting future then please send you CV and a letter of application outlining your ambition, contribution and credentials to this email (only limited number of places available).
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