Covid-19 Youth Debate

During one of the sessions of the Young Speakers Club (for 11-16 year olds) – a debate on “Covid-19” was held where 2 teams debated 2 arguments: (i) UK should remain in lockdown until corona-virus is treatable; and (ii) we should come out of lockdown and return to normality. The youngsters had prepared for the debate and many very interesting points were raised and debated.

Below is one argument from a young member (MA, 16 years) for the debate in favour of pro-lockdown:


The world has never witnessed such a time. In these unprecedented times we must understand that the most serious consequence of COVID-19 is that more than 45,000 people in the UK have lost their lives and continue to lose lives on a daily basis before their time due to this deadly virus. I firmly believe that people are underestimating the severity of this invisible enemy and the most disturbing fact is that the total deaths told to the public at government’s daily briefings do not even include the deaths in care homes which is where the most vulnerable in our society reside. Currently, we know that the US is the leading the world in terms of deaths from the virus but the worrying fact for us is that the UK now has the highest death rate per one million people. This shocking statistic is enough to highlight the spread of Coronavirus, especially since Britain’s land mass is around forty times smaller than that of the US.

While many people have different opinions regarding how to control the virus, the scientifically proven method is by observing a lockdown and self-isolating. Although many may feel like “prisoners” in their own homes, it is a know fact that undertaking a national lockdown significantly helped flatten the curve when our country was experiencing the first wave of COVID-19. There were several positive effects of this such as the daily death rate plummeting and fewer patients with Coronavirus being admitted at hospitals. Abiding the lockdown would prevent a second wave of COVID-19 which would not only save many lives but would also mean that we can control the spread of the virus in the long term and thus prevent another lockdown.

Ultimately, as responsible citizens of today we would be endangering the lives of our elderly and vulnerable. The problem with the coronavirus is that its highly contagious and a study showed that for every person that has the virus, they can pass it on to three others. This is problematic because when people return from schools or public gatherings they pass it on to others and this is especially dangerous for households which operate an extended family system as the elder grandparents are more prone to contracting the virus.

The NHS is the beating heart of our country but its already underfunded so a rise in hospital admissions would have a detrimental impact on the already strained NHS. Consequently, there will not be enough PPE as well as high levels of stress for healthcare workers and fewer beds available for new patients. Eradicating the Coronavirus is a marathon not a sprint so we must understand that enduring the short term “pain” of lockdown is a temporary measure to prevent more valuable lives being lost.

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