Electric cars – are they good for the UK?

The Young Writers Club conducted a mock parliamentary ‘debate’ during one of its sessions on whether the UK should be replacing all vehicles with electric cars. See below the arguments put forward by one of our youngest members of the club Rakeem Sattar (9 years old) who debated against electric cars:


“Today I am going to put forward my side of the argument against the use of electric cars.

There could be lots of job losses because of electric cars. This is because they are easier to build then normal cars. They only have 20 parts compared to petrol cars which have 2000. This will make them easier to build so less workers will be needed at factories. The German government say there will be 400,000 losses in the next 10 years.

Car insurance or car protection for an electric car costs more money than a normal car. Confused.com says that it costs around £1263 to insure an electric car compared to a normal car which is £789 this is because normal cars have cheaper parts.

AXA a big European insurance company have also said that fast electric cars have more accidents than normal cars. They said it was 40 percent more. This will cost people more money for car insurance but also makes driving less safe. People driving could injure or kill other drivers, passengers or people walking near roads.

If you have to go on an emergency trip and have zero miles in your electric car it takes a long time to charge it. At home, every hour you get 30 miles in an electric car but in a normal car you can go to a petrol station and fill the tank up in 5 mins, which will give you 600 miles. This can take you to London and back but most electric cars can only go 300 miles so you would need to stop and charge.

Although electric cars require more maintenance it is still important you find a qualified mechanic in your area. Unfortunately, 97% of the world’s mechanics are not qualified to work on electric cars so if your car needed urgent repairs it would be hard to find a qualified mechanic.

These are the reasons why we should not use electric cars.”

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