Great leaders create other leaders and empower them

Great leaders hire people smarter than themselves. They want to work with the best and with people who can do what they can’t do.

If you hire people smarter and better than yourself then don’t tell them what to do. Empower them. Work with them and set the objectives and then get out of their way. Let them get on with it. They will feel empowered and do their best work.

You never get the best out of people by shouting and screaming at them. Such an approach has its place in situations of emergency when life and death are involved such as a fire outbreak.

If they know what to do better than you then let them get on with it. Don’t stifle their creativity and flair by meddling with their work.

Insecure leaders want to interfere and tell them what to do even when they know that their people know better. This creates an atmosphere where creativity and flair is lacking. People don’t take responsibility for improving things.

When people are 100% responsible for their tasks and improvement they fully commit, and you get the best out of them.

Once you’ve delegated a responsibility then check in to see how they are doing. Give them encouragement and support.

At the beginning you will need to review more frequently and then as they become more familiar with their roles and responsibilities you can check in less frequently. The frequency of the reviews will vary from person to person, task to task and the skill and competence of the people concerned. The level of trust and concern will also determine your frequency of reviews and catch ups.

Leaders have to use their resources to get the better of the competition. Enlighted leaders know instinctively that people are their best resources. This not only includes their time but their ideas, interests, hobbies, connections and skills beyond what they are being paid for. A leader must know the strengths and weaknesses of each of his team members so that they can use them and compensate for their weaknesses if these are getting in the way of getting the best out of them.

Insecure leaders are always worried about control. They don’t want to empower people because they feel threatened. These leaders don’t want their people to outshine them.

Their insecurities prevent strong leaders developing in their organisations.

This increases turnover and strong leaders will leave your organisation and take their talents and contributions elsewhere. Such insecurities will prevent the company from growing and fulfilling its potential.

Secure leaders on the other hand develop strong leaders deliberately and empower them and their organisations to grow and prosper. They give them autonomy until they have outgrown their role and are ready to lead their own divisions, teams and organisations.

Great leaders take responsibility to develop leaders and give them progressively bigger roles and feedback to help them grow and prosper. They train leaders to give them appropriate knowledge and experience because leaders are the key to success of any organisation.

The leadership and vision dictate the degree of success of an organisation. The only way to succeed is to empower the leaders to make decisions and take action.

Don’t cripple their ambition, creativity and desire for success by petty mindedness and your own insecurities. Let them thrive, grow and succeed.

Your responsibility as a great leader is to develop your people’s potential. If you don’t do that then they won’t want to leave you.

Give your people time to work on their own projects. Google allows its staff to spend 20% of their time on projects of their choice. At various times they have the opportunities to present what they have been working on. This flexibility and empowerment have led Google employees to develop numerous new products that have not been influenced by senior management but have generated huge revenues for the company.

Given the freedom employees will think of many gems that will help your organisation to succeed.

Empowering people and giving them responsibilities are essential to develop individuals as leaders in organisations, teams and also families. When children are treated in this way and are empowered, they grow up to be leaders that can make a big difference in the world.

Encourage people to lead in all kinds of situations. This will help to build a better society.

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