Historical operation performed to remove colon tumor

A historic and groundbreaking operation using the laparoscopic method (involving minimum invasiveness) recently took place at the Kutno Government Hospital in Poland. This was the first time in this region of Poland that such an operation was performed on a patient. These surgical procedures are performed by very few surgeons around the world.

Professor Ahmed El-Malul (pictured on the left) successfully carried out the operation on a patient to remove a colon tumor. Professor Ahmed El-Malul is a senior general surgeon practicing in Poland. He is also a professional member of the Young Professionals Society and supports the activities and opportunities provided to the youth and young professionals with personal and professional development.



The day after the operation, the patient moved on his own and was ready to be discharged, but only due to the post-operative diagnostics and the patients safety, he remianed in hospital care for a while to make sure that everythnig was fine – say Bartosz Serenda from KSS.

The operation was financed by the National Health Fund (NHF) and was performed thanks to Professor El-Malul’s experience and the modern equipment at the hospital in Kutno. Only a few hospitals in Poland carry out such operations.

Professor Ahmed El-Malul will be attending the YPS Leaders Conference 2022 to be held in Manchester (UK) on 6 August 2022. To learn more about this conference and to register to attend click here.


Original source – EWI24

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