How to get A* in your GCSEs?

Young Professionals Society in collaboration with Guidance Hub successfully held a ‘taster session’ on Wednesday 23rd December at the Guidance Hub Centre on Waterloo Road, Cheetham (Manchester). The event was well attended with over 60 participants from all over Greater Manchester. Due to Covid-19, special social distancing measures were put in place in compliance with government requirements. Dr Nasar Ali, chair of YPS, opened the meeting and welcomed the delegates before introducing Professor Waqar Ahmed to speak about accelerated learning technologies.

Professor Waqar Ahmed lectured on the importance of accelerated learning technologies in effective learning and retaining information. In particular, he spoke about three accelerated learning techniques, namely (i) mind mapping; (ii) creative visualization and (iii) spaced repetition.

The attendees, consisting of parents and students, were given an exercise to test their memories. They were all given 20 words to memorize in order within 2 minutes. They were then told how to memorize these same 20 words (in order) using creative visualization and the chain method. Clearly, in all cases their memories had improved simply by using creative visualization technique, a powerful accelerated learning technique.

Professor Ahmed, at the end, spoke about the GCSE Accelerated Learning Courses on offer and made an incredible one-time offer to the attendees to sign up on the day for £200, which includes the following:

  • GCSE Chemistry (10 hrs)
  • GCSE Physics (10 hrs)
  • GCSE Biology (10 hrs)
  • GCSE Mathematics (10 hrs)
  • Complimentary 1 year YPS membership
  • Young Speakers/Writers Club
  • Mentoring

Initially all the above would cost £1800 – however Professor Ahmed offered them all for £200.

There are limited spaces for the above offer. The GCSE Accelerated Learning Programme will be held at the Guidance Hub Centre in Cheetham, Manchester. The courses will start during January/February 2021.

If you are interested to register, please contact Dr N. Ali – 07534984383 or email

To watch the recording of the taster session Click here

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