Innovations and IP

On Sunday 20 September 2020, the Young Professionals Society hosted a webinar on Innovation and Intellectual Property. The guest speaker was Mohammad Hassan who holds a MSc in Management of Intellectual Property as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property law. The webinar was broadcasted on the social media accounts of YPS namely Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube.

In this succinct webinar, the audience were given a brief overview of Intellectual Property starting with the basics and then delving deeper into the topics. This was then linked with innovation and the speaker discussed how IP and innovation may converge. Mohammad Hassan then went on to discuss how young entrepreneurs may patent their invention and the benefits and drawbacks in doing so.

During the Q&A session, someone asked about the best way to enter the patent profession and becoming a patent attorney. The speaker responded that it depends on which stage of life you realise your aspiration of becoming a patent attorney. Most individuals realise they want to pursue this career at a later stage in their education – either after a Master’s degree or a PhD. This is because a patent attorney needs a technical bent because they would need to understand the science behind the invention. The job of a patent attorney is extremely complex and requires a diverse skillset.

The webinar can be accessed through this link

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