Leaders add value to others

When you ask a lot of leaders what it means to be a leader, you will hear answers such as:

  • To be in charge and control people.
  •  To run the company efficiently.
  •  To be profitable and make money for the shareholders.
  •  To beat the competition and be the best company in the field.
  •  To build a great company that’s here long after I’ve gone.

Leadership is different from success. A lot of people confuse the two. They think leadership is climbing the ladder and getting the highest position possible. However, leadership is not about how high you can climb but how far the people you lead advance. A relationship exists between a leader and follower. You either add value or subtract from a person’s life. You have either a positive or negative impact on your followers. You will have a lot of followers if you add value to people and you will lose your followers very quickly if you subtract value from people’s lives. If you create leaders in your organisation, then you will begin to multiple the value you add.


Are you making the lives of people you lead better? 

If you can answer ‘yes’ and are able to give evidence that you are making people’s life better, then you are a leader. Otherwise you are a subtractor even if you don’t realise it, you are having a negative impact on others.

Humans are often selfish and want the best for themselves. The best leaders are selfless and realise that their lives are enhanced when they make other people better. They have to overcome their natural tendencies.  Leaders have to intentionally get out of their comfort zone to add value to others. This makes others want to follow you. If you keep doing this then you not only add value but multiply it.

As a leader, when you add value to others then you benefit in many ways. These include:

  •  You will feel more fulfilled.
  •  Your motive about leadership will be right.
  •  Your ability to do acts of leadership will increase.
  •  You will develop a strong leadership team that multiplies value added to other people.
  • You will have an attitude of service. The greatest leaders are those who have offered the greatest service to humanity.

Your position in the organisation doesn’t matter in most cases. The leader isn’t always the person at the top. Any position where a leader can add the most values and have positive effect on the most people is a position of leadership. Great leadership requires great service.

How you behave as a leader is dependent on your vision, the type of work and your organisation. The underlying principle is always the same – to add value to others. Make your followers better. You inspire and lift people up, help them progress, make them part of something bigger than themselves and help them fulfil their potential. A leader changes the lives of others.


The law of addition can be put into practice simply by:

  • Truly valuing people and making them feel important. You must have the intention of helping people and making their lives better. When you gain a position of leadership you give up the right to abuse or misuse people. You must be open and trustworthy. You must care about people sincerely. You can’t fake it. People will quickly see through a fake. You must be there and help people. To build a deep connection you must be willing to be vulnerable.
  • You can only add value to people if you have something to give. You can’t value if you have nothing to give. The best things to give addition to intangible things such as care, respect, appreciation and honesty are your knowledge, skills and experiences. Hence, a leader must be committed to personal and professional development. The more a leader grows, the more he  has to give to others.

Mature leaders want to learn as much as possible about the people they will be leading. They listen, learn and then lead. They know what is valuable to their team. When you lead based on your knowledge of what others value then you create win-win situations for everyone – the organisation, the leader and the followers. Inexperienced leaders are quick to lead without engaging and learning about their followers. A true leader is always a person who wants to add value to others.

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