21 Laws of Leadership

The Young Professionals Society was set up to help young professionals develop their soft skills such as leadership, innovation and communication. These three pillars and subject specific knowledge and experience form the foundation of success in any field.


Whenever there is a problem in an organisation the first thing that comes under scrutiny is the leader. For example, when there is an economic crisis in a country the first person to be questioned is the prime minister or the president. When a company’s financial performance is not stellar then the Managing Director or Chief Executive are called to answer. For the university’s performance the Vice Chancellor is responsible. In a football club, if the results are not up to expectations then the manager has to face the consequences.


When things go wrong in organisation the first action is to sack or dismiss the leader. You may argue that it is someone else’s fault but if the leader is good then he/she would have fixed it. A leader must be 100% responsible for the organisation. An organisation succeeds to the extent of its leadership ability. You can be great operationally but it is leadership that propels organisations to greater heights. Hence, developing your leadership qualities and skills is one of the best investments you can make of your time and effort.


In this series of blogs, we will examine John C. Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership. They will give an insight into leadership and provide information on how you can develop your leadership knowledge and skills to become a better leader.


We will be covering the following laws:

  1. Law of the Lid
  2. Law of Influence
  3. Law of Process
  4. Law of Navigation
  5. Law of Addition
  6. Law of Solid Ground
  7. Law of Respect
  8. Law of Intuition
  9. Law of Magnetism
  10. Law of Connection
  11. Law of Inner Circle
  12. Law of Empowerment
  13. Law of the Picture
  14. Law of Buy-in
  15. Law of Victory
  16. Law of the Big Mo
  17. Law of Priorities
  18. Law of Sacrifice
  19. Law of Timing
  20. Law of Explosive Growth
  21. Law of Legacy

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