Lord Stephen Greenhalgh presents Malaika the first prize for her poem on Ramadhan during lockdown

Young Professional Society is proud to announce that Malaika Ali, a Young member of the YPS, has won the Connected Communities Competition’s first prize for her poem titled “Re-connect” in the 16-18 years old category.

The poem captured the essence of the community spirit and the challenges it faced during Ramadan this year particularly during the lockdown. The mosques were closed, communities isolated and often spirits lowly. Malaika’s poem was titled simply as “Re-Connect” and was based on how communities lifted their spirits and courageously helped and supported one another in a unique virtual environment across all communities in the UK.

The competition was organised by Faiths United during an event based on “How COVID-19 brought all the communities together”. Malaika won the award for the best piece of writing for her poem. The Right Honourable Minister of State for faith and Communities Lord Stephen Greenhalgh presented young Malaika her award during the event.

Typically, Malaika modestly attributed her success to the advice and practice at events such as the weekly Young Writers Club and the Young Speakers Club. Malaika said “I am grateful to YPS for organising practice clubs in creative writing and public speaking where I could practice and hone my skills in a friendly and supportive environment.”

Members of YPS are delighted with the award and Professor Waqar Ahmed, President of YPS, personally congratulated Malaika on her superb achievement. “This award is a testament to Malaika’s talent and dedication and willingness to keep trying and improving. On behalf of the Young Professional Society we wish Malaika great success in the future in all her endeavours. It has been a privilege for us to have Malaika as a valuable member of our clubs at YPS.”


To watch Malaika speak and announced as winner Click here




Ramadan 2020,

A blessed month that offered plenty.

For the Muslim community, a chance to reflect.

An unprecedented time that none would expect.

What was turning into a downhill slope,

Actually, became a beacon of hope.

As living rooms turned into a place of prayer,

The knowledge of closed mosques brought less despair

For some a chance to share a meal with the family

For others, an opportunity to start to think positively.

As new hobbies formed

And virtual meetings became the norm,

We understood that, regardless of colour, we belong to one race

Each person an equal piece forming the Earth’s face.

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