Power of Creative Visualization

As part of the Young Speakers Club run by YPS, on a weekly basis, young members are introduced to and taught about the importance of using Creative Visualization in becoming successful in all aspects of life.

Scientific evidence shows that creative visualization is an extremely powerful tool for self-improvement. Also, some of the greatest personalities, performers in the world (e.g. Alex Ferguson, Diego Maradona, Bruce Lee etc.) claim that creative visualization was the key to their success. Visualization is powerful because it is a high-leverage practice. In only 5 to 10 minutes each day, it can drstically improve your life.

Professor Waqar Ahmed leads the creative visualization sessions and engages the youngsters and enlightens them and gives insights into creativity, visualization and discusses the key tools necessary for creative visualization. These sessions are effective and very popular amongst the youngsters. The young members are taught to believe in themselves and to visualize themselves speaking in front of thousands of people extremely confidently and effectively.

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