Raising Future Leaders seminar

The Young Professionals Society organized a seminar on ‘Raising Future Leaders’ on 2nd July 2021 at the Waterloo Centre (Guidance Hub) in Manchester. The seminar was well attended with many parents and youngsters who were keen to learn about leadership and what steps they could take to assist the youngsters in becoming influential future leaders.

The seminar was chaired by Malaika Ali, a sixth-form student and a young member of YPS, who spoke about the importance of promoting good leadership and why it is essential to develop key soft skills such as effective communication at an early age to progress as a future leader.

Professor Waqar Ahmed from University of Lincoln and the President of Young Professionals Society delivered the seminar and spoke about his personal experiences early in his life growing up in Salford and learning accelerated learning techniques to help him with passing his exams and how he was able to re-programme his mind to adapt a more ‘positive’ and ‘healthy’ mindset where negative thoughts  were replaced by positive ones, which helped him to succeed in his studies and in his professional working career. This transformed mindset helped the speaker progress in his career and move up the ladder of promotion from senior lecturer to full professor and director of institute and college director of enterprise at the University of Lincoln.

The seminar was very interactive and engaging, and the audience were constantly asked to participate which made the event more enjoyable and made learning fun.



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