Sacrifice is the Heart of Great Leadership

Why do you want to be a leader?

Most people want to be leaders because they want to make more money, have a better life and get a high status in society. Some want to become leaders because they want to make a change in the society in which they live or organisation they work in. A few want to lead so that they can change the world.

Are you willing to pay the price?

Great leaders that go onto change the world have had to make great sacrifices. Nelson Mandela spent 28 years in prison to end oppression and free his people from slavery.

Martin Luther King sacrificed his life for the civil rights movement and his fight for equal rights for black people in America. The greater the level of leadership the greater the sacrifices that have to be made.


To climb up to leadership positions every leader has had to make personal sacrifices.


For example, for Christiano Ronaldo to become one of the greatest football players ever he had to make enormous sacrifices moving away from home at a tender age, spending all his time on honing his skills and developing his fitness to the ultimate degree.  He trains harder and has more passion than anyone else. The higher you want to climb as a leader the more you must give up. Leaders are willing to pay the price. The greatest leaders paid the ultimate price and lost their lives to better the lives of their people.


How much are you willing to give?

Great leaders will do whatever it takes and pay whatever price they need to pay. They are willing to give their life to win the ultimate victory.

Once a leader has reached the top, he can’t take it easy. If he does, he will fail to win. To stay at the top level, you have to keep giving up more and more. The greater the price you are willing to pay the higher you will go. Usually, it will take years of effort, sacrifices and commitment before you earn the right to lead.


Leadership is not just a position; it’s the ability to influence people and lead them towards a greater vision and fulfil their potential.


Many people are not willing to pay the price. For example, Imran Khan the recent prime minister of Pakistan was willing to do whatever it took to lead his people to a better life. He struggled for over 20 years and sacrificed his family in order to become Prime Minister. He gave up a life of wealth and luxury to attain leadership and continues to give up more and more to remain at the top to achieve his vision of a better future for the people of Pakistan.


By consistently giving up more and more you can rise higher and higher. A leader must always be an example of sacrifice for his followers in terms of time, money, commitment and sacrifices.

Leadership means you must trade things you value to get something you think has a greater value.

A great leader makes a commitment to continue making sacrifices to keep growing and developing as an individual so that you can serve as an example for your followers to inspire them to fulfil their ultimate potential.



  • What are you willing to sacrifice to become a leader and gain victory for your followers?
  • What are you not willing to sacrifice?
  • Think about your time, energy, health, relationships, finances, marriage and convenience.
  • Many people have an attitude to give something to arrive somewhere. They seek to achieve a certain position. In which areas are you unwilling to sacrifice.
  • Create affirmations in each area where you think you will become complacent and unwilling to sacrifice? (For example, “I will work daily on learning and growing in one or two areas every year.” Maybe you want to learn another language).

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