The future of Innovation: Innovators & Futurists

The next webinar and sharing of experiences will take place this Friday 14 August.
The purpose of this innovation capacity webinar series is to accelerate how to create more usefulness from research and innovation. One way to do this is to share learnings and practices with each other. By that the capacity to create more usefulness from research is built with the community.

Last year there was an innovation session at NANOSMAT Middle East in Abu Dhabi. Prof Dr. Ashok Vaseashta was invited plenary speaker at the conference, and he shared his experiences at the innovation session. He is Dedicated Futurist at the World Future Society (an initiative that aims to mobilize and coordinate science-based activities that improve quality of life in the developing world), Chaired Professor of Nanotechnology at Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Executive Director Office of Research Grants and Sponsored Programs, Chair- IRB and CRO – New Jersey City University, USA.
Dr Ashok was kind to be sharing his reflections at next innovation webinar on the roles of researchers, innovators, academic entrepreneurs for creating and pushing forward the implementation of new innovations which are given momentum by visionary innovation capacity minded persons.
The webinar will be an introduction, a discussion in panel, and a Q&A to focus on registered particants relevant points. It will be live streamed at NANOSMAT and at the Young Professionals Society pages.
More information and registration:

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