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Dr Nasar Ali and Professor Waqar Ahmed (University of Lincoln) appeared on the Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Podcast hosted by Scott Challinor to talk about the Young Professionals Society and its activities. The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland is chaired by the eminent Lord David Blunkett who is committed to increasing the quality of the conversations between SMEs and policy makers. A current member of the House of Lords, he was an MP for twenty-three years and has served as Home Secretary, Education and Employment Secretary and Work and Pensions Secretary.

On the podcast Scott explored several areas of the Young Professional Society such as purpose and vision, activities, learning opportunities and benefits of membership.  The key points covered included:

  • The purpose and vision of YPS is to educate, help, support and mentor young people develop their leadership skills so that they can lead the world in their chosen arena.
  • By raising the quality of leadership young people will go on to transform lives of people on the planet and improve the environment.
  • The focus of YPS is on three pillars: leadership, innovation, and communication. When these are combined with subject specific knowledge a leader becomes a potent force for positive change in society.
  • YPS will provide youngsters with access and mentoring people who are at the top of their professions face to face or online depending on the vicinity. The support is highly targeted depending on specific requirements and expertise available.
  • YPS also provides opportunities for networking and communication so that peer-to-peer learning activities are optimised.
  • Soft skills are often neglected in formal education and thus act as a limiting factor in career progression and transition. YPS runs specific courses, clubs and mentoring to help young professionals to raise their aspirations and achievements.
  • Formal learning, such as courses, lectures, workshops and webinars from outstanding leaders, is supported by experiential activities through forums such as: Speakers Club, Entrepreneurs Club, Writers Club, Young Leaders Club.
  • YPS uses accelerated learning and experiential technologies to reinforce principles of leadership into youngster’s mindset so that they become effective and transformational leaders in their field.
  • To succeed, younger people need appreciation and encouragement. YPS does this by recognising excellence and leadership with awards. The winners who have a significant impact in their field include:

Young Leaders Award Winners:

2020: Dr Yarjan Samad (Space Scientist), University of Cambridge (UK)

2021 Lady Zahra Niazi (Community Cohesion Leadership), Bradford City Council (UK)

2022 Dr Tanveer Tabish (Researcher), University of Oxford (UK).


Innovation Award Winners:

Will be announced later in 2022.


YPS Leaders Conference 2022 will held in Manchester on 6 August 2022. The event will include notable speakers such as:

Lord Wajid Khan

Afzal Khan (MP)

Prof. Werner BLAU (Ireland)

Prof. Alexander Seifalian (UK)

Prof. Ashok Vaseashta (USA)

  • Learning from people who are excellent in different fields cannot be over emphasised hence peer to peer learning is encouraged and supported. Principles of excellence and success are common however the way and the details of how these implemented will obviously vary from field to field.


To watch the recording of the Podcast Click here.

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