To be the BEST, Spend time with the Best People

If you want to achieve something, then you must spend as much time as possible with people who have already succeeded. The influence of people you spend time with is very subtle and often unconscious. However, it is a very powerful driving or hindering force in your life. You simply must spend your time with and learn from people who are successful and have the characteristics that you desire.


You are the average of about half a dozen people who you spend the most time with during your normal day. If you spend time with positive and ambitious people, then you will also become positive and ambitious. If spend time with who whine and whing then you will also tend to match and mirror those characteristics. It takes a lot of mental effort to hold yourself to a higher standard of thought and behaviour. If you want to live a better life, then you must raise your standards. You must spend time with people who also have high standards.


People who get into a negative spiral often hang around people who are also negative about their lives and people around them. They tend to complain and resent other people’s fortune and luck. You must find a way to spend less and less time with these people. This is very difficult particularly if they are members of your family. You can choose your friends, but you can’t change your family. You must find a way of keeping your mental vibrations high and positive. Holding yourself to that standard can often raise the standards of the family around you. If you can take them with you then that is fabulous, if not limit your time with them.


Humans model other people’s thoughts, behaviour, and actions. Often, this is unconscious. We don’t even know it we are doing it. We must wake up. We must consciously watch our thoughts and actions. You must amplify the positive and reduce and eliminate the negative behaviour. This is not a one-time thing. Its something you must condition into your life daily. You can’t be fit and healthy if you only exercise occasionally. You must exercise every day. You must eat the right foods, get enough rest and proper sleep. The idea is very simple, if you want to be the best at anything then you must spend time with and model the best in your chosen area.


Very often the goals you set are influenced by people around you. For example, I am not a materialistic person, but I used to drive past a neighbour’s house who had a beautiful Mercedes. As I drove past, I used to look at it and admire its elegance. I imaged myself driving it to work. I did this every day until it became a habit. It felt amazing. Within a few years I was driving a new Mercedes and since have upgraded many times. No other car has the same thrill for me even though we have had Porches, BMW i8 and several new Tesla models in our driveway for years. I think I will always be a Mercedes man, even though I love my daughter’s new Bentley.


It is particularly important for young people to keep good company. We all know that at a young age the influence of the peer group is very profound. If your friends smoke and wear certain type of cool clothes you may be easily influenced and match their lifestyle and behaviour. If your friends want to become doctors, lawyers, or business tycoons then you may also follow suit. It is essential for young people to spend time with good, honest, hardworking, and ambitious friends who have a positive long-term influence.


People around you are sources of new learning and development opportunities. Make sure you take the opportunity to learn new skills from people around you. There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling as learning new things and becoming a better person. Keep learning and growing and there is no better way than learning from people with whom you spend the most time.


Good people are a great treasure. When you spend time with good people you will feel supported and appreciated. A powerful human need is to be appreciated and loved. You need know that you are good enough. Good friends and companions are a joy to spend time with because they give you the time and appreciation you need. As a good person you can also reciprocate appreciation for people around you and you will add value to their lives.


You friends and colleagues can either elevate you to new heights or sink you the lowest depths. Choose carefully. Pick people who are positive and supportive and avoid people who are negative and disempowering. This is the most important decision you will make and will have the biggest impact on your life, long and short term.


We can choose our friends but can’t choose our family. Be kind and respectful to them. Help them. Love them. However, spend more time with members of your family who have a positive impact on your life and less time with those who are negative and drag you down.


Make a commitment and declare that you will work with and spend more time with the very best people, and you will become one of them. You become like those who you spend the most time with. Make sure you spend your time in the company of the best people with highest standard of ethics, behaviour, and ambition. Make sure your children do the same thing and they are also in the company of good friends.


You become the best by spending time with, learning from and modelling the very best people. This applies to learning skills and developing noble and good characteristics.


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