Turning Fear and Pain into Potential and Possibilities

Most of us get into the comfort zone and avoid pain and fear. We hide and shrink into mediocrity.  Many people are afraid of public speaking. It’s a major phobia. Most people try to avoid public speaking at all costs. Surprisingly, people would rather die than speak in public. The more you avoid pain or fear the bigger it gets. Before long it becomes a monster in your mind.


People with fear of something will always play small. There are many fears such as fear of rejection, fear of public speaking, fear of being judged and criticised. These fears are not real. They feel as though they are real, but they are a figment of your imagination. They give us pain.


If we get pain occasionally, then it would not be a major problem. You could avoid it and it wouldn’t affect your life. We want to stay in our comfort zone and avoid any pain. For example, people associate pain to exercise so they avoid it. They get fat and slow and that also causes them pain. They would rather sit and watch TV and eat their favourite fast foods, crisps, chocolates, drink coke, etc.  A quick way out of pain into pleasure. It also the quickest way to diabetes and heart diseases.


What do you fear? or associate the most pain within your life? Make a list. How do you avoid these things? How do you organise your life to avoid these pains?


This is known as your comfort zone. It is a safe play area. It is familiar. You get into it without any effort. It feels great.


In the longer term, when you retreat to your comfort zone, every time you feel challenged then you will pay a major price. You will keep your life small. You will feel stuck and can’t get out of it. However, you must get out of it. On the other side of pain or fear is a dream of endless possibilities.


How to you get out of your comfort zone?

  1. Identify your pains and fears. Get a piece of paper and make a list of all your pains and fears and the things you do your best to avoid. It may be fear of rejection.
  2. Pick one pain, something you are avoiding or something you know is good for you, but you hate the thought of doing it. This may be something emotional or physical.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine the pain you would feel in your chosen situation. It may be speaking in front of a group of people in class or at work.
  4. Forget about the situation and focus on the pain itself.
  5. See the pain in front of you as a barrier.
  6. Scream silently at the barrier and “BRING IT ON”. Feel the strong desire to move into the pain – barrier.
  7. As you break through the barrier silently scream “I LOVE PAIN”. Keep moving forward. Go into the pain as if you are one with it.
  8. As you move past the broken pieces of the door then say with a strong conviction, “PAIN SETS ME FREE.”


If you avoid pain, it will grow bigger and bigger.  It will pursue you like a hungry lion. You can’t stay away from it. It wants to kill you or destroy you.


When you face the pain then it will shrink. If you keep facing it, then it will disappear. By doing this you’ve converted pain or fear into a powerful fuel. When you desire pain then you will have a completely different mindset to most people. By using pain or fear as a fuel, you have a tool in your life that will drive you to succeed in any field and situation. It will propel you like a rocket into space. Use it every time you feel like avoiding something and you will enter a sphere of infinite possibilities.


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