Why I want to be good at Public Speaking

Blog by Zainab Ali (13 years old), a member of the Young Professionals Society and an acive member of the Young Speakers Club


Here are my reasons for wanting to become a good public speaker:

During my studies in the near future, whether in college or university I know that I will need to present my projects and ideas in front of my peers in the form of presentations or seminars and workshops. To achieve good standards, I will need to be able to communicate information and ideas clearly and succinctly in an appealing manner.

In whatever field I decide to go into, it will be crucial to communicate to groups of people whether that be in a court, at a conference or to a team. Being a leader, it is important to persuade people of arguments and convince them to do things or act in a certain way. If I am able to speak and communicate well with people, I will be more effective in my role.

People who can speak persuasively to groups of people about their subject are often seen as authorities or leaders and they get more clients, achieve higher positions, and become more successful.

If I want to convey my message across to hundred people and I speak to them one at a time, it will take me many days or weeks to get my point across. This will be time consuming, inefficient, and very costly. I can deliver the same message to a hundred people in one minute or less if I can speak to them effectively in one go.

When we speak to people about our ideas, we tend to just talk without preparing properly. Thus, our message may be not well thought out or unclear. By preparing I can organise my ideas and articulate them on paper and reflect on them. This will enable me to ensure that my communication is clear and has impact.

If I want to influence a large proportion in society regarding an important issue such as global warming or an eminent pandemic then the most efficient way of doing it is to speak to the masses on stage, on TV or social media. This will help me to bring a change to society for the better.

Being a good public speaker will develop personal self-confidence so that I can be more successful in every area of my life and create a more harmonious society.


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