YPS and STEM Mattters collaborate on ‘Innovation’

The Young Professionals Society is pleased to collaborate with STEM Matters, an organization based in Dallas, Texas (USA) on innovations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

STEM Matters has a special focus on training young people to innovate, invent and deliver quality solutions to contemporary challenges in STEM.

YPS and STEM Matters collaboration will see new joint programs where the youngsters are offered training programs enabling them to learn about how to innovate and about the processes leading to innovation. The youngsters will have an opportunity to share their work at some of the best places in the world, which will surely open up new doors for them leading to new and exciting opportunities.

Dr Samir Iqbal, a co-founder of STEM Matters said ‘the collaboration between Young Professionals Society and STEM Matters will broaden our reach in benefitting not just the youth of USA but also those from UK, Europe and the rest of the world since YPS has an existing established international network’.

Professor Waqar Ahmed, President of YPS said ‘Innovation is one of the key pillars that the Young Professionals Society is working under and working closely with STEM Matters will further strengthen this pillar and benefit the youngsters from UK and rest of the world from our collaborative programmes. The future no doubt belongs to innovators and this collaboration will push the youngsters closer to their bright future’.


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