YPS Summer School 2022

GCSE Accelerated Learning Programme
8-12 August 2022
Venue: Coppice Library and Well-being Centre, Coppice Avenue, Sale M33 4ND (UK).
YPS is pleased to organise the YPS Summer School 2022.
In this one-week summer school, the students (working for GCSE qualifications) will learn all about the different accelerated learning techniques that can help them to learn FASTER and RETAIN information for much longer by learning how to place the information into their long-term memories.
Many people including professionals use such techniques to succeed and progress in their careers, however, students can also apply these techniques to achieve top grades in GCSEs or in A-level and even at university level.
Using accelerated learning techniques is a SMART way of becoming successful in the things that really matter to you and the things you really want to achieve in life and become successful in.
During this school, Professor Waqar Ahmed (University of Lincoln) who has a wealth of knowledge, know-how and experience in teaching GCSE subjects and accelerated learning techniques will go through the GCSE Syllabus for 4 subjects: AQA’ (i) Physics, (ii) Biology, (iii) Mathematics and (iv) Chemistry and will demonstrate how to apply these accelerated learning techniques which will help you to achieve grade 9’s in your GCSE exams.
To see last years taster session on GCSE Accelerated Learning programme, click here – https://youtu.be/V7iH86KIg9w
Day 1: 8th August (10am – 5pm)
Day 2: 9th August (10am – 5pm)
Day 3: 10th August (10am – 5pm)
Day 4: 11th August (9am – 1pm)
Day 5: 12th August (10am – 3:30pm)
1. YPS Member fee – £159.20 (with 20% discount included)
2. Non-Member – £199
To register online (via Eventbrite) click here – https://bit.ly/39yOFVF

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